I see myself as a resonant body creating spaces of sonic architecture for where other bodies may resonate.  

How can you create a body within sound?  How can you create a sonic being that moves, breathes, and communicates: through you, to you, dances around you and then engulfs you?  

Within my practice sound becomes my physical, kinetic, visual and auditory medium.  Like patchwork with in modular synthesis, my sounds are built from the ground up, sculpted and woven together, then edited, tweaked and tuned for the space they are sounding.  

My work often hints at ideas of synesthesia and focus around concepts of isolation, spirituality, submission, solitude and rebirth.  At the heart of my work I create immersive environments, something that may be experienced rather than listened to passively. Through my practice I investigate where sound becomes a physical matter; I’m interested in the extreme upper and lower ranges of the frequency spectrum where sound is not only heard but also felt.  

Dani Dobkin
A sound artist and composer from Philadelphia, Pa. She received a BA in Experimental Music and the Electronic Arts from Bard College where she studied under Bob Bielecki, Marina Rosenfeld and Richard Teitelbaum.

Always in search of new ways to engage and interact with sound, she works with installation, modular synthesis, handmade circuits, live electronic improvisation, and interdisciplinary projects with dancers, musicians, poets, and visual artists.  

Dobkin recently received her MFA in Sound Arts from Columbia University and is pursuing her Doctorate in music composition at Columbia.